Distances are shown in running steps. If sound works for you, you can count the crunching sounds your feet make as they strike the sand. Or do it visually, by counting the number of times you bob up and down as you run (for me, this is easiest in 3rd person).
All paths are run in daytime. Use the suns for guidance when running in their general direction. When going away from the suns, or sideways to them, use your shadows to establish your heading.
Direct travel landmarks:
Kiva 2 - left of flag, center of farther of the double stumps (315 steps).
Kiva 3 - well skirt left edge of bone, go through center of low large stump.
Kiva 4 - slightly to right of right-most sun. 3 stumps, go through center of the 2nd one (the middle one).
Kiva 5 - tip of green flag on the right.

Gold Flag: At center, face north (red flag). Locate first large near brown stump to its right. A line extended through its left edge passes between two far white stumps, the one on the right being Kiva #1. To reach the gold flag, run over the left edge of the left distant stump.